Indian Pluralism Foundation Along With Prantakatha , Matri Mandir And Rashtriya Seva Niketan Celebrates World Interfaith Harmony Week At Lake Mosque, Kolkata With Esteemed Religious Clerics From Various Faiths Joining Us For Promoting The Message of Peace And Brotherhood. "UNITEA IN DIVERSITEA." It Was AN OPEN DAY at The Lake Mosque For Our Dear Brothers & Sisters To Join Us In Building Bridges Where We All Experienced : OPEN DOORS OPEN HEARTS OPEN MINDS. Distinguished Men & Women from Various Faiths Stepped Up To Erase Stigmas and Stereotypes By Reaching Out To Each Other, Listening To Each Other and Getting To Know Each Other. World Interfaith Harmony Week Is Designated by The United Nations as a Time When Diverse Religious, Spiritual and Secular groups around the World come Together To Promote, Affirm Peace and Harmony in their communities. The World Interfaith Harmony Week extends the Two Commandments by adding ‘Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbour’. This formula includes all People of Goodwill. It includes those of Other Faiths, and those with No Faith. The World Interfaith Harmony Week Provides a Platform—One Week In a Year—When All Interfaith groups and other groups of Goodwill can Illustrate the World What a Powerful Movement they are.



Start date & time: 

2018-02-04 03:00 PM

End date & time: 

2018-02-04 05:00 PM